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Make an impact for good. Every order. Every shipment. Every day.

Want to do something good for our planet? With Dot Neutral it's never been easier. Set it up in minutes and reduce your company's carbon footprint in real time. Make an impact for good.

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All you have to do is want to go carbon neutral and let Dot Neutral handle the rest. Set everything up once and you're done.


Starting at rates as low as 3 cents per shipment, it's never been more affordable to begin offsetting.

Renewable Energy

Our renewable energy projects range from solar to wind, selected from projects judged by the highest standards.

Trusted by organizations that care about sustainability and the environment.

Photo of Randy Altshuler, CEO of Xometry

“Environmental sustainability is very important. Partnering with Dot Neutral allows Xometry to reduce our carbon footprint and hopefully will inspire other industry leaders and manufacturers to do the same.”

— Randy Altschuler, CEO of Xometry

“All businesses need to do their part in healing our planet. Dot Neutral has allowed us to provide carbon neutral deliveries by offsetting our emissions. All we had to do was turn on our integration and we were offsetting our emissions in no time.”

— Aaron Withers, Co-Founder and Director of Delivery Co-op
Photo of Aaron Withers, Co-Founder and Director of Delivery Co-opNate Evans, CXO of Fictiv

“Our vision is to make it easier for product developers to choose sustainable manufacturing options through our digital ecosystem. This new partnership with Dot Neutral serves as a critical step on our path towards building a more sustainable business and planet.”

— Nate Evans, CXO of Fictiv