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to neutralize all of your shipping emissions.

How does it work?

Every time you ship something to a customer, you are responsible for a portion of the CO2 emitted by the truck or airplane that carries your package.

By integrating your e-commerce platform or fulfillment software with your Dot Neutral account, we will purchase and retire carbon offsets on your behalf.

The pennies per shipment go to fund projects in renewable energy, reforestation, capturing harmful fugitive gasses, and more.

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Traveling from to , this shipment produced an estimated

- lbs of CO2

That's the same as filling - large coffees with carbon dioxide.

With your Dot Neutral account, this shipment would be automatically offset and would only cost -¢.

 to analyze all of your shipping activity.


5¢ per delivered shipment
Credit Type Cost / kg

Subject to availability.
Subject to market rates.


Instantly pull all of your tracking data from one of our supported integrations.

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