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Arcata Sunnybrae Tract

Arcata, CA, USA
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The City of Arcata in Northern California purchased a 171 acres of forest in November 2006 to protect habitat from imminent and intensive commercial logging activity. This purchase was made possible through the issuance of carbon credits and a community focused on conservation. After purchase, the tract was converted from private to public land, expanding the footprint of the Arcata Community Forest.

Historically, this land was a verdant ecosystem, hosting wild trout and salmon swimming upstream in the creeks of the forest before disappearing in the 1960s due to logging activity and water contamination.

Due to the efforts of the City of Arcata and companies that purchase these offsets, there is now a healthy ecosystem that is sequestering 2,500 more metric tonnes of CO2 than other neighboring forests which is equivalent to the annual emissions of 550 cars. Today you will find a thriving ecosystem of wildlife and healthy forest in the Arcata Community Forest, being able to spot creatures like Hoary Bats, River Otters, Black Bears, Mountain Lions, and a long list of other mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and of course plant life.

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